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This is an annoying tradition. Every summer on radio, people can’t stop bashing about construction work.

True it seems like there’s roadwork everywhere. And yes it certainly disrupts the daily lives of many ulcerated citizens, many of whom try to vent their frustration on talk-radio. People harshly complain because they obviously don’t perceive the benefits stemming from all this chaos. Yet construction (despite the chaos it brings) benefits everyone.

Take for example the U.S. economy. It has been suffering greatly since 2008 because of lack of construction. This should be food for taught to many.

Organizations must constantly improve their systems in order to succeed. This applies to the office. To any Public Authority. This even applies at home. Truth : responsible managers are not afraid of chaos. They know that chaos leads to improvement and progress. Let’s stop blaming them for taking action.

One cannot complain for the pot-holes in the outdated road infrastructure or a company’s IT systems or even the family porch, without accepting the temporary inconvenience arising from the move towards “better”.

So decision-makers, be brave.

Instead of continually apologizing for the inconvenience, spread instead your gratitude for the opportunity given to you to improve the lives of those around. In fact, the best way to soften their pill, is to disseminate all possible information about the future benefits of the project.

Users, stay positive and proactive.

Get informed. Plan accordingly. Imagine the beauty of the future public square downtown. Think of the new technological tool that will make your work easier. Envision sweet summer evenings in good company on your new veranda…

No doubt that improvement requires effort. But in the end chaos is positive. Chaos leads to progress. Chaos can lead to better.