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Being there

It’s all about being there. Over there. Away from our desk. Where the action is. Where people – colleagues & clients- take critical action about their business (and ultimately about our revenue) every day.

Seriously, how many managers and procurement specialists out there make crucial buying decisions without even talking to end-users, never mind spending time with them to learn about their pains & challenges? How many of you?

In fact, many will pride themselves on making huge last minute price reduction from their vendors. But who cares really, in the end, if they have prevented the organisation from making even greater gains because they totally missed the boat?

On the other hand, Sales People might not be better at assessing the « here and now ». Simple question: how much of your prospects’ business have you actually observed, in situ, during your last sales cycles?

Business today should be In Situ. In Situ observation because it’s about grasping what is really going on in the field.

Don’t be afraid. Metrics can be put aside for a minute, even for a few hours. For once, just look at how humans perform their tasks or behave. Observe, engage, see for yourself. All the Business Intelligence in the world is useless without context or meaning. In other words, BI is BS if it is disconnected from the field or from people.

I think being connected in situ is the only way to make a difference in today’s world. This is the philosophy that has always guided me in the world of media (I have been a journalist for 20 years before going in sales in 2005). That sense of purpose still inspires me every day. And guess what? It works for reporters, for photographers, for business analysts, for managers… and Chief Sales Officers.

That’s why I call my blog In Situ